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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Newborn Shoot With Baby Thomas

Hi all.

I recently did a newborn shoot with baby Thomas.  He was just ten days old when I first met him, such a cute little bundle.  I was looking forward to my first shoot with this perfect little boy.  So taking all my 'mobile studio' over to his mummy and daddy's house, I set up and was ready to go.  After a couple of shots, Thomas decided he wanted us to all know he was ready for feeding.  So off mummy went to feed him, while I made some adjustments to my set up.  Well, when he came back with mummy, he wanted to see what all the fuss was about, and just would not go back to sleep, so I did a few more shots with him, but couldn't get exactly the shots I wanted, so eventually we called it a day.  However I agreed to return the following week to try some more.  His mummy assured me if I came a little earlier I would find him in his most restful period, where he tended to sleep more soundly....I only wish Thomas was in on the plan....Lo and behold the same pattern emerged.  He was asleep when I first arrived, but soon woke up to see what was going on...Good job I've got loads of time and patience.  I didn't get as many shots as I'd wanted, but I still got a good few.  Here are some of them:

Thank you for looking. 
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